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Leaders need tools to manage challenges by creating an accountable workforce, which benefits not only agencies, but the public at large. Self-awareness, decision-making, innovation, compassion, courage, and resilience in the workforce are rapidly becoming essential – not just optional – competencies for the survival and sustainability of successful, ethical organizations.

This platform goes beyond personal development concepts to provide a renewed sense of self, enabling leaders to step back and view obstacles, impact, workload, and responsibilities with a new perspective.

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Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility is essential when dealing with others. Developing an awareness by interpreting what is being said without limited filters, creates an adaptable and positive workplace. Understanding change is another word…

Available levels

  • FL101Level 1
  • FL201Level 2
  • FL301Level 3
  • FL401Level 4
  • FL501Level 5


Building Organizational Integrity

Ethical behavior in the workplace creates a positive and healthy environment of trust, compassion, and teamwork. Integrity and honesty at work are not always the easiest path to take but…

Available levels

  • IH101Level 1
  • IH201Level 2
  • IH301Level 3
  • IH401Level 4
  • IH501Level 5

Interpersonal Skills

Positive Interpersonal Communication

Strong interpersonal skills allow us to share ideas, view, expertise, and information effectively. Discover how to match your communication style to meet goals and strategies for effective workplace collaboration. In…

Available levels

  • IS101Level 1
  • IS201Level 2
  • IS301Level 3
  • IS401Level 4
  • IS501Level 5

Oral Communication

Communicating with Impact

Often at the root of many workplace issues is the inability to appropriately communicate and hear what others are saying. Effective communication keeps issues from escalating and makes the workplace…

Available levels

  • OC101Level 1
  • OC201Level 2
  • OC301Level 3
  • OC401Level 4


Accountability and Ownership

Accountability is one of the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence. It refers to words being in alignment with actions. Accountability is a state of being rather than a task of doing.…

Available levels

  • AC101Level 1
  • AC201Level 2
  • AC301Level 3
  • AC401Level 4
  • AC501Level 5


Strengthening Workplace Resilience

Developing resilience helps individuals and organizations manage their energy and perform at their best. Embracing change is necessary in a changing world. At the core of embracing change and resilience…

Available levels

  • RE101Level 1
  • RE201Level 2
  • RE301Level 3
  • RE401Level 4

Conflict Management

Managing Conflict In the Workplace

With different personalities, goals and working styles, workplace disagreements are inevitable. Without the confidence and skills to manage conflict, professionals tend to avoid conflict, hoping that it will work itself…

Available levels

  • CM101Level 1
  • CM201Level 2
  • CM301Level 3
  • CM401Level 4
  • CM501Level 5

Leveraging Diversity

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the Workplace

When approached thoughtfully, an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged, lead itself to high morale, productivity, and a positive workforce culture. Celebrating diversity is an…

Available levels

  • LD101Level 1
  • LD201Level 2
  • LD301Level 3
  • LD401Level 4
  • LD501Level 5

Decision Making

Decision Making Through Sound Leadership

When you’re presented with multiple problems at once, how do you decide which one to solve first? Shifting processes when making decisions under pressure creates opportunities to influence choices and…

Available levels

  • DM101Level 1
  • DM201Level 2
  • DM301Level 3
  • DM401Level 4
  • DM501Level 5


Negotiation Strategies in the Workplace

In the workplace, there are often conflicting demands on time as well as differences of opinion and attitude. It is important to question, explore needs, constraints, motives, and priorities to…

Available levels

  • IN101Level 1
  • IN201Level 2
  • IN301Level 3
  • IN401Level 4
  • IN501Level 5

Mission and Culture

Building Company Culture and Motivation

Every organization has a culture as well as subcultures. An organization’s commitment to values and ethical behavior is reinforced to employees when their organization demonstrate a willingness to conduct self-examination…

Available levels

  • MC101Level 1
  • MC201Level 2
  • MC301Level 3
  • MC401Level 4
  • MC501Level 5

Team Building

Teamwork and Communication

Team building is knowing how to help individuals work as a cohesive group, creating an environment where all members feel invested in the direction and accomplishments of the team. Today’s…

Available levels

  • TB101Level 1
  • TB201Level 2
  • TB301Level 3
  • TB401Level 4
  • TB501Level 5