Decision Making

Decision Making Through Sound Leadership

When you’re presented with multiple problems at once, how do you decide which one to solve first? Shifting processes when making decisions under pressure creates opportunities to influence choices and shape behaviors, even during times of crisis. In this course, you will identify the six steps used in managerial decision making, as well as explain four personal decision styles used by managers.

  • 4 Hours

    DM101Level 1

    for New or First-time Managers
    March 29, 2023 02:00 p.m. EST
    May 17, 2023 02:00 p.m. EST


    Sound decision making requires an active listening, objectivity and logic. Oftentimes it’s difficult to make a sound decision when stress is constant. It can be overwhelming with uncertainty to delineate fact from fiction. Learning to make good decisions requires a practice of pause before acting.

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    • Learn how stress clouds sound decision making. Understand who to go to during a decision making process.
    • Accelerate your listening skills by delineating hearing from listening.
    • Learn how to feel more confident in making decisions that impact your role and the role of the team.
  • 6 Hours

    DM201Level 2

    for High-potential, First-time Managers
    March 29, 2023 04:00 p.m. EST
    May 17, 2023 04:00 p.m. EST


    Decisions need to be implemented, whether on a personal or organizational level. Effective decision making requires leaders rethink what is essential, who or what is involved and leverage information to improve outcomes.

    FormatOnlineCertificateUpon Completion


    • Differentiate between stress and pressure.
    • Learn how to identify and expand your default judging style to make better decisions.
    • Learn the art of practicing good judgment in challenging situations.
    • Uncover hidden options, consider potential outcomes to move forward.
    • Calculate costs to avoid the pitfalls of consensus-driven decisions and successfully make strong judgment calls.
  • 8 Hours

    DM301Level 3

    for Mid to senior level leaders
    March 30, 2023 03:00 p.m. EST
    May 18, 2023 03:00 p.m. EST


    The ability to make educated, rapid decisions saves time, prevents workplace conflict, fosters respect among team members and allows employees to feel secure and have a better sense of commitment to the company and their positions.

    FormatOnlineCertificateUpon Completion


    • Examine how problems exist in wider contexts.
    • Explore methods to minimize risk and turn ideas into plans.
    • Examine best practices in a decision-making framework.
    • Identify tools to analyze and shape the behavior of your key stakeholders.
  • 12 Hours

    DM401Level 4

    for Executives and Senior Leaders
    March 31, 2023 03:00 p.m. EST
    May 19, 2023 03:00 p.m. EST


    Decision making is a core undertaking in every organization that is becoming more and more complex. Making decisions requires making tough choices. Employee engagement, productivity, growth, and commitment all strongly depend on the effectiveness of leadership and its decision-making. Being a decisive and humble leader brings the best out of your people and models for them the type of leadership that will help them to succeed throughout their career.

    FormatOnlineCertificateUpon Completion


    • Review benefits and drawbacks of different decision-making models.
    • Explore the types of transferable skills that are needed to make decisions.
    • Examine the difference between executive decision making and day-to-day decision making through data and tools to support your decision to lead your organization through the change.
  • 16 Hours

    DM501Level 5

    for Executives and Senior Leaders
    April 4, 2023 03:00 p.m. EST
    May 23, 2023 03:00 p.m. EST


    Many decisions leaders deal with every day involve at least some degree of uncertainty and require nonprogrammed decision making. It is important to be able to make difficult decisions when there are conflicting points of view in a fluid environment. It can be overwhelming, but good leaders weigh options and make the best decisions often having limited information.

    FormatOnlineCertificateUpon Completion


    • Explain why decision making is an important component of good management.
    • Explain the difference between programmed and nonprogrammed decisions and the decision characteristics of risk uncertainty and ambiguity.
    • Describe the classical administrative and political models of decision making and their applications.
    • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of participative decision making.
    • Identify techniques for improving decision making in today’s turbulent environment.
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Avatar for Daniel M.
Daniel M.
Rated 4 out of 5
1 year ago

The practical exercises and thought-provoking discussions in the Decision Making Through Sound Leadership class have had a lasting impact on my ability to make sound decisions and provide strong leadership.

Avatar for Samuel N.
Samuel N.
Rated 4 out of 5
1 year ago

This class has provided me with valuable insights and techniques to cultivate a culture of strong decision making in my workplace, inspiring my team to be more strategic and results-oriented.

Avatar for Jaxon P.
Jaxon P.
Rated 5 out of 5
1 year ago

The invaluable lessons I’ve learned in Decision Making Through Sound Leadership have empowered me to be a more effective leader, inspiring my team to embrace a data-driven approach to decision making.

Avatar for Harper T.
Harper T.
Rated 5 out of 5
1 year ago

After attending the Decision Making Through Sound Leadership class, I feel more confident in my ability to make informed decisions and provide clear guidance and direction to my team.

Avatar for Olivia D.
Olivia D.
Rated 5 out of 5
1 year ago

I highly recommend the Decision Making Through Sound Leadership class to anyone looking to develop their decision-making abilities and create a more cohesive and high-performing team.